0.5l ice cream jars

0.5l jars of homemade ice cream. Ice creams of the highest quality made from natural ingredients

Available in the following flavors:
vanilla, chocolate, mocha, pistachio, mango, raspberry, banana-coconut, lemon-basil, orange-thyme, cuberdon

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Vanilla ice cream

Fresh homemade ice cream prepared with fresh farm milk, eggs, cream and the best bourbon vanilla

Ref.: ij01.00

Chocolate ice cream

Home made cocoa ice cream 70% cocoa and dark chocolate shavings

Ref.: ij02.00

Homemade pistachio ice cream

Pronounced pistachio flavor and crunchy pistachio nuts

Ref.: ij03.00

Homemade ice cream Citron-basil

Citron-basil is a fresh and surprising combination for ice cream

Ref.: ij04.00

Homemade orange-thyme ice cream

Fresh oranges with a thyme background. This perfect combination is a spectacle in the mouth!

Ref.: ij05.00

banana-coconut ice cream

This ice cream is made with fresh bananas and coconut

Ref.: ij06.00

Raspberry ice cream

Made with 100% natural raspberries and free of artificial colorants and flavouring

Ref.: ij07.00

Mango ice cream

Our mango ice cream is delicious full of flavor and made with the best ingredients

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Mocha ice cream

Ice cream with an intense moka taste

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Vanilla - chocolate

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