Elixir d'Alost consists of more than 20 herbs with medicinal properties. Originally this was a pharmacy drink that was used for all kinds of ailments in folk medicine both for humans and animals, because the long bottle neck is a design that can also be administered in the mouth of the horse. Stomach and intestinal problems such as colic were solved. The following medicinal herbs are used in the Elixir d'Alost: Anise, coriander, angelica, fennel, lemon balm, green mint, women's mint, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, rhubarb, liquorice, seat root, gentian root, marshmallow root, aloe, myrrh, saffron, valerian root, kinabast, wood of sassafras, galanga root, ginger, cardamom, cumin, orange peel, ...

1942 - O.L.V. Square Mijlbeke - Aalst

Mr. René De Smedt was a wine merchant and liqueur maker on the O.L.V.-plein in Aalst. He imported barrels of wine directly from France, after which they were displayed on the square to determine the view. In this distillery this inventive man created a regional recipe for the city of Aalst, the 'Elixir d'Alost'; A powerful and delicious health liqueur of 35° full of alc.
This popular herbal liqueur, typical for Oilsjt, was traded for years, but unfortunately after René's death, the company was closed down and this drink disappeared... or didn't it?
René's great-grandchildren found a last original full bottle of Elixir d'Alost in their grandmother's wine cellar. After taste analysis in a lab, this drink could be brought back to life in its original state and since then everyone can enjoy this piece of nostalgia again. The guaranteed quality is due to the natural, valuable herbs and the respected process of maceration, distillation, filtering, maturation and careful filling!


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