This authentic Vilvoordse elixir arouses the most impetuous feelings and is therefore also a 'long-life elixir'. Of course to drink in moderation as it has an alcohol content of 47% vol alc. A traditional regional product that should be cherished. Available in 20cl or 70cl.

This unique Vilvoords regional product is made according to an old recipe from the beginning of the last century. Since Vilvoorde has a historical history with the Brabants draught horse, and the many fairs and price camps that were organized around it, the farmer also had his own means to keep these noble animals (and himself) in shape. It creates a drink 'for farmer and horse'. The horse was a very important means of assistance and transport which made it close to people and made it noble. The long neck of the bottle is of course beautiful and suitable for pouring, but also to the horse's mouth at the time. This drink was used against stomach and intestinal complaints such as colic. The sweet, strong herbal liqueur is a boost during the cold winter months and has a strong disinfecting effect on the throat. The many different herbs not only make it tasty, but it is also healthy. The sugars crystallize on the spice twig in the bottle after bottling. This herb, the meadowsweet, grew in the Vilvorde wet Zenne Valley.

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